1982 Office Building

Client: 1982 Office Building

Scope: Concrete Restoration and Waterproofing

Duration: Two Months

Constructed in 1982, this commercial office building was in need of repair and restoration of their parking structure. When it comes to successfully completing construction repair projects where people live and work, there is no substitute for experience. Our project management team excels at carefully putting together a strategy and plan for project execution.

Since 1996, we’re proud to have successfully completed over 10,000 projects on occupied properties and this project was no different. In order to allow the tenants and general public to access the parking structure, we carefully executed the repairs in phases.

The project started with coordination of staging and material storage areas with the building management personnel, minimizing disruption of garage functions. The repairs to the concrete superstructure including precast double tee stems, precast spandrel panels, and floor and drive ramps. We also repaired the damaged and leaking trench drains that included cracks through the concrete topping and tee flanges, as well as the perimeter drain seals and damaged piping.

The final phase of the project included the installation of new area drains and pipe connections. Using the existing drain lines, we improved the surface drainage in ramp landing areas. Even with the short duration of this project, we enjoyed working with the building management team at this 1982 office building and building confidence and trust with them for future projects.


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