Concrete Restoration and Waterproofing

Client: 1972 Office Building

Scope: Concrete Restoration and Waterproofing

Duration: Five Months

As construction experts, maintaining the structural integrity of a building is key; especially when restoring older buildings. With every project, we also evaluate the scope of work, provide a detailed cost estimate and prioritize a schedule to effectively communicate the construction progress and timeline. The concrete restoration and waterproofing of an office building parking structure constructed in 1972 was no exception.

Once the project was coordinated with building management personnel, the project management team was ready to get moving. This restoration included double tee connection, stem and flange repairs, overhead concrete patching, epoxy crack injection, French drain installation and replacement of control and cove joint sealants.

It was critical to allow continuous parking structure operation and access throughout the duration of this project. In addition, it was key to install the waterproofing systems prior to adverse weather conditions. These aspects made the project challenging but in just five months, our experienced team was able to complete all necessary restorations.

Our proficiency as well as attention to quality and safety is why clients trust us to complete projects of all sizes, scopes and levels of complexity. We always aim to exceed expectations and hope to be invited back for future projects at this 1972 building.

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