Highlands Ranch Condominium Communiity

Client: Highlands Ranch Condominium Community

Scope: Insurance Restoration

Duration: 9 Months

Waiting on an insurance claim can put a serious damper on repair and restoration schedules. Additionally, out-of-pocket fees can make restoration efforts a stressful endeavor, no matter how substantial the damage is. Understanding this is critical for reducing financial stress for your client.

This Highlands Ranch condominium community needed extensive repairs after undergoing significant hail damage. When they hired us to restore their buildings, we assessed and evaluated the scope of the damage in order to propose a feasible restoration schedule. Here’s what we found:

This large scale project required complete replacement of 556 windows, along with trim and flashing, 18 sliding glass doors, 1,035 window screens, 81 garage doors, and 65 light fixtures. Nearly all roofs needed to be completely repaired and replaced as well. The construction team was able to repair 36,118 square feet of stucco, repair condenser fins on 180 A/C units, and refinish and repaint the exterior facades.

That’s no small feat.

Working closely alongside the Highlands Ranch condominium community Management Team to restore these units, we completed the project on time while creating a meaningful relationship with our client. We ensured that disruption was kept to a minimum for the tenants, working efficiently and respectfully.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to successfully completing construction repair projects where people live, and that’s what makes ASR stand apart from the rest.

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