Office Building Concrete Restoration


Client: Corporate Office Building

Scope: Concrete Restoration and Waterproofing

Duration: Four Months

At ASR, we provide absolute control of the construction team to ensure work quality, schedule control, job site security and communication through self-performing work, meaning our work is done in-house unless outside contracting is required. In the case of this corporate office building, they came to us in need of concrete restoration and waterproofing and this allowed us to complete their project with the utmost quality and safety all with ASR.  

Using our self-performing work we enhanced the structure from the garage access stairs to the upper-surface parking area. Corbels, column beams and tee stems were repaired and replaced. We also cleaned and painted corroded bearing plates, and applied sealer to all areas needing a replacement layer to better protect against water.

Additionally, the traffic deck underwent improvements. This included the removal of existing waterproofing materials, surface preparation, and installation of BASF Conipur II deck coating system.

Phasing of each aspect of this project was very important, as the office building required access for their tenants. We met the clients needs through solid communication and upholding our company values to deliver high-quality work.

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