Project 28 – Apartment Complex Hail Damage Repairs

Apartment Complex Hail Damage Repairs

Type: Commercial
Project: Apartment Complex Hail Damage Repairs
Scope: Insurance Restoration
Value: $1.5MM
Duration: Four Months

Description: Repair and remediation of hail damage to the exterior of buildings, including windows, siding, trim and fascia.

Project Scope:

  • 3 premier rental communities; >1,500 units
  • Coordination of repair activities with residents and building management personnel
  • Remove and replace 717 windows at exterior siding condition, 126 windows at exterior brick condition and associated z-flashing
  • Remove and replace 9,985LF of vinyl glazing bead at window replacement locations
  • Remove and replace 15,367LF of damaged trim around windows, 17,771LF of damaged trim around eaves, 3,005SF of damaged masonite siding, 3,968LSF of damaged belly band, 1,500SF of damaged Gypsum board, and 5,000SF of damaged OSB sheathing
  • Prepare, prime and re-paint select areas of damaged fascia, window trim, siding and mechanical canyons
  • Straighten condenser fins on 1,191 A/C units


  • Access coordination for all units with window replacement work
  • Maintaining normal, safe access to all units
  • Health and safety of residents, employees and general public throughout very active jobsite
  • Fast-track construction schedule to complete work before winter weather conditions

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