Project 9 – Multi-Unit Townhome Complex


Townhome Complex

Type: Residential
Project: Townhome Complex
Scope: Structural Repairs/Civil Repairs/Building Envelope Repairs/Cosmetic Repairs
Value: $2.6 MM
Duration: One Year

Description:  Repair and remediation of construction defects, including structural, grading and drainage, and building envelope issues.

Project Scope:

  • Two buildings with 8 units each
  • Remove failed caisson foundation system; replace with steel pier supported system
  • Pre-drill and install 236 hydraulically driven piers and 112 helical tiebacks
  • Excavate and replace all expanded soil from interior and exterior of buildings; repair existing foundation walls and add sister walls
  • Complete grading and drainage improvements; install new interior and exterior perimeter drain systems
  • Remove and replace all exterior concrete flatwork and brick veneer
  • Remove and replace rear decks, fencing and landscaping
  • Complete all associated interior and exterior cosmetic repairs


  • Limited access to work areas
  • Neighborhood safety critical
  • Minimal staging area for materials and equipment
  • Integrating extensive engineering specifications in fast-track construction schedule

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