Type A Apartment Complex

Client: Type A Apartment Complex

Scope: Decks and Building Facade Repairs

Duration: 18 Months

Job site project managers have a lot to stay on top of. When they step into the office, it’s not always indoors. The unpredictable Colorado weather makes it a challenge when it comes to executing projects during inclement weather. Maintaining proper temperatures was also a challenge so we had to be extra careful of weather when we repaired moisture intrusion issues at this apartment complex.

ASR has an in-house team of professionals and craftsmen that are highly skilled in deck, walkway and landing corrective construction. After communication with the residents and coordination with the property management team, the work on 20 occupied buildings began. We removed and replaced 219 elevated concrete decks and improved 60 common area stair assemblies. Allowing the residents to enjoy their apartment and all of its features.

We then removed and reinstalled 559 windows and doors along with 87,000 square feet of stucco and stone facade. Finally, all damaged wood framing and sheathing was repaired along with all associated interior and exterior cosmetic repairs.

Even with the challenge of the weather, we were still able to maintain safe access to all units as well as ensure the health and safety of residents and the general public. No matter the challenge, safety is our priority and we were happy to help the team at this apartment building.


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