Civil, grading and drainage are critical components of any residential or commercial property. Improper drainage can create or aggravate undesirable conditions, including water intrusion, erosion, slope creep, soil shrinkage and soil expansion, dead or damaged landscape, standing water, ice formation, asphalt and concrete damage, and significant structural damage.

ASR performs civil, grading and drainage repairs based upon the design plan and specifications developed by a civil engineer. With every project, we evaluate the scope of work, provide a detailed cost estimate, prioritize the construction schedule, and communicate the construction progress and timeline throughout the project.

The scope of our civil/grading and drainage services includes:

  • Re-grading and Landscape Removal/Replacement
  • Drainage Swales and Berms
  • Exterior Perimeter Drains, French Drains and Cutoff Drains
  • Drain Pipe Systems and Inlets
  • Concrete Pans and Sidewalk Chases
  • Retaining Wall Repair/Replacement
  • Downspout and Sump Pump Installation/Improvement
  • Window Well Installation/Improvement
  • Concrete, Asphalt and Curb & Gutter Repair/Replacement
  • Retention Pond and Detention Pond Repairs


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