Project 34 – Loft Condominium Complex

Loft Condominium Complex

Type: Residential
Project: Loft Condominium Complex
Scope: Structural Repairs/Building Envelope Repairs
Value: $1.7MM
Duration: Seven Months

Description: Repair and remediation of construction defects, including structural and building envelope issues.

Project Scope:

  • 4 buildings with 122 occupied units
  • Resident communication; preconstruction and construction management services
  • Install anchorage devices and external post-tensioned tendons to shore structural concrete beams in the parking garages
  • Install containment and remove drywall in 122 units and all corridors; install hold down brackets, shear panels, roof truss strengthening repairs and fire rated assemblies; complete cosmetic repairs
  • Remove, re-flash and reinstall sliding glass doors at 80 elevated deck locations
  • Remove stucco and brick façade at roof scupper locations; repair damaged wood framing, sheathing and weather-resistive barrier; complete exterior cosmetic repairs


  • Access coordination for 122 units
  • Matching existing interior cosmetic finishes
  • Health and safety of residents and general public throughout active jobsite
  • Structural framing repairs in confined wall and ceiling locations
  • Adherence to fast-track construction schedule

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