Whole Foods Market


Client: Whole Foods Market

Scope: Concrete Restoration and Waterproofing

Duration: Eight months

Not all concrete restoration and waterproofing projects are the same. Sometimes, the required scope of work means a complete overhaul of the existing structure. Recently, a Whole Foods Market store required a repair of construction deficiencies in their parking structure, including waterproofing and deck topping slab issues.

ASR coordinated with retail management and building management on the plans for project execution. Constant communication and an intelligent phasing plan guaranteed the business would be able to function as normal and that employees and customers were not disrupted.

The project scope included preconstruction services and construction management, removal/replacement of 52,000sf of concrete topping slab and waterproofing membrane, removal/replacement of concrete planters and sidewalks, removal and replacement of 460lf of expansion joints, installation of 9,000lf of joint and cove sealants, and installation of 12 new parking deck drains.

A thorough construction communication plan facilitated seamless communication with the engineer and architect, helping ASR achieve the fast-track construction schedule.


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