Project-29_Slider_1Retail Parking Structure Repair
Repair of construction defects, including waterproofing, deck topping slab and structural issues.

Project-1_Slider_2_SMApartment Complex
Repair and remediation of construction defects including building envelope, elevated decks and breezeway structures.

Project-27_Slider_1Balcony and Façade Repairs

Construction repairs, including balcony and building envelope issues.


Senior Housing Campus
Common areas of this senior housing campus were renovated. Kitchen and dining area needed to be expanded and remodeled to accommodate the residents and staff.

Project-28_Slider_1Apartment Complex Hail Damage Repairs
Repair and remediation of hail damage to the exterior of buildings, including windows, siding, trim and fascia.


Athletic Club
Excessive snow load damaged the structural integrity of the roof, resulting in replacement of the entire roof and associated structural elements.

Project-30_Slider_1Apartment Complex
Renovation of a 2-story clubhouse and fitness center amenity. Design intent was to reduce the ornate nature and create a more functional amenity for the residents.

Project-31_Slider_1Mid-Rise Apartment Complex
Repair and waterproofing of 110 elevated concrete balconies on a 13-story building.


Adult Community Campus

Renovation of the Community Center, which is the main hub of the campus.


Mixed-Use Development

Repair and remediation of construction defects, including structural and civil issues; replacement of acoustical systems and drywall.

Project-6_Slider_2_SMCommercial Office Building
Repair and restoration of a parking structure constructed in 1972. The parking structure can accommodate up to 470 cars and consists of a concrete topping slab over precast, pre-stressed concrete double tees supported on precast and pre-stressed concrete tee beams. Precast columns and concrete foundation walls support the upper floor, which is exposed.


Entry Control Facility Replacement
Design-build project to complete renovations to the Mississippi Gate Entry Control Facility at the Buckley Air Force Base.

Project-20_Slider_1_SMCommercial Credit Union
Design and construction defects caused severe settling problems in this commercial structure.


Hotel Property
Drainage, waterproofing and ventilation deficiencies created moisture-related problems in the crawl space.


Adult Community Campus
Removal and replacement of dilapidated garages on an adult community campus.

Project-24_Slider_2_SMSenior Living Center
Replacement of the stucco system, repair of elevated decks and exterior painting on a 75-unit premier senior living facility.

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