Project 16 – Apartment Complex


Apartment Complex

Type: Commercial
Project: Apartment Complex
Scope: Exploratory Testing/Structural Repairs/Building Envelope Repairs/Civil Repairs/Cosmetic Repairs
Value: $480K
Duration: Six Months

Description:  Drainage, waterproofing and ventilation deficiencies created moisture-related problems in the crawl spaces of seven, three-story apartment buildings.

Project Scope:

  • Exploratory testing
  • Excavate crawl spaces and modify slope; install interior foundation drains and sump pumps, and replace radon wrap
  • Structural repairs, including removal and replacement of deteriorated sill plates, ledgers, blocking, plywood sheating, ledgers, rim boards and joists; cleaning and microbial painting of all wood framing members with evidence of organic growth; removal and replacement of concrete patios
  • Building envelope repairs, including removal and replacement of siding, installation of flashing, and caulking at siding to concrete abutments
  • Civil repairs, including re-grading around the perimeter of the buildings, installation of French drains, area drains and piping, and installation of drywells
  • Complete all interior and exterior cosmetic repairs


  • Health and safety of residents and general public throughout active jobsite
  • Fast-track remediation schedule to minimize the disruption to property operations
  • Winter weather conditions

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