Project 21 – Hotel Property


Hotel Property

Type: Commercial
Project: Hotel Property
Scope: Exploratory Testing/Structural Repairs/Restoration/Cosmetic Repairs
Value: $160K
Duration: Two Months

Description:  Drainage, waterproofing and ventilation deficiencies created moisture-related problems in the crawl space.

Project Scope:

  • Exploratory testing
  • Containment and dehumidification
  • Excavate crawlspace and modify slope; install vapor barrier and ventilation system
  • Remove and replace first floor stairs
  • Remove and replace damaged wood TJI joists and plywood subfloor; clean and microbial paint remaining wood TJI joists and plywood subfloor
  • Clean and paint structural I-beams, metal shims and steel plates
  • Remove and replace OSB floor sheating
  • Remove and replace bathroom and interior finishes in nine rooms; remove and replace interior finishes in breakfast room, common area bathroom and laundry room


  • Minimize inconvenience for residents and provide continued means of egress
  • Fast-track remediation schedule to minimize the disruption to property operations
  • Safety for residents, staff and construction workers
  • Repair phasing critical to allow continuous hotel operation and access to rooms

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