Project 25 – Condominium Complex


Condominium Complex

Type: Residential
Project: Condominium Complex
Scope: Exploratory Testing/Structural Repairs/Balcony and Deck Repairs/Building Envelope Repairs
Value: $600K
Duration: Four Months

Description:  Repair and remediation of construction defects, including structural, elevated deck, grading and drainage, and roofing issues.

Project Scope:

  • 68 occupied multifamily units
  • Exploratory testing to determine source of roof leaks
  • Value analysis to maximize the repair scope within the project budget
  • Demolition of partial garage interior and exterior finishes; removal and replacement of existing flashing components; installation of cosmetic finish materials to match original
  • Complete deck surface, deck post and deck railing repairs; remove and replace concrete topping slabs; complete associated building envelope repairs
  • Expose post-tension tendon anchorage ends; repair and install protection
  • Re-grade at the perimeter of buildings to establish positive drainage
  • Repair or replace drain systems in mechanical rooms


  • Safety of residents and general public throughout ongoing, active jobsite with tight alleyways
  • Phasing and parking plan critical due to displacement of garages
  • Very limited staging area for materials and equipment
  • Fast-track construction schedule to complete before winter conditions

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