Project 30 – Apartment Complex

Apartment Complex

Type: Commercial
Project: Apartment Complex
Scope: Renovation
Value: $700K
Duration: Six Months

Description: Renovation of a 2-story clubhouse and fitness center amenity. Design intent was to reduce the ornate nature and create a more functional amenity for the residents.

Project Scope:

  • Convert all interior walls from heavy plaster texture to a level 5 high quality, smooth finish
  • Reconfigure existing wrought iron; remove and replace all railings
  • Refinish existing fitness room, including installation of sound abatement floor system
  • Reconfigure leasing offices and provide new maintenance office
  • Remodel all restrooms and locker rooms
  • Retexture and install control joints in 3-story rotunda dome ceiling
  • Construct yoga/pilates room and smart lounge/gaming center with floor-mounted gaming consoles
  • Reconfigure and update warming kitchen
  • Construct new Koroseal veneer focal point in clubhouse gathering area and install 3-form ceiling aesthetic finish


  • Leasing staff was displaced; therefore, duration to perform work was compressed
  • Timing for loud construction activities
  • Safety for construction workers, staff, residents and general public

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