Project 31 – High-Rise Apartment Complex

High-Rise Apartment Complex

Type: Commercial
Project: High-Rise Apartment Complex
Scope: Balcony Repairs
Value: $600K
Duration: Six Months

Description: Repair and waterproofing of 110 elevated concrete balconies on a 13-story building.

Project Scope:

  • Preconstruction and construction management
  • Tenant communication and coordination
  • Provide engineering design of exterior scaffold system for balcony access
  • Perform acoustical testing of top surface of each elevated balcony slab and slab soffit; identify areas of de-lamination for repair
  • Complete partial depth and full depth balcony slab repairs
  • Shot blast balcony slabs and install BASF MasterSeal Traffic 2500 deck coating system
  • Remove and replace interior balcony partition panels
  • Install paint system for exterior metals, including balcony edge beams, balcony rail systems, vertical tube steel elements, balcony partition panels and metal portions of fastening system for partition panels
  • Install acrylic coating system on each balcony slab soffit


  • Health and safety of tenants and general public throughout active jobsite
  • Repair phasing critical to efficiently complete repairs
  • Minimal staging and storage areas for materials and equipment
  • Dust control and management

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