Project 35 – Townhome Complex

Townhome Complex

Type: Residential
Project: Townhome Complex
Scope: Civil Repairs/Structural Repairs
Value: $1.2MM
Duration: Six Months

Description: Construction defect repairs, including civil, grading and drainage, and structural porch issues.

Project Scope:

  • Preconstruction and construction management services
  • Resident communication and coordination
  • Sidewalk, curb & gutter, and driveway repairs; including removal and replacement, lifting with polyurethane injection, joint grinding and sealing, expansion joint installation, and curb cut and chase drain installation
  • Concrete porch repairs; including removal and replacement of porch and stairs, over-excavation and backfill, helical piers installation, porch roof shoring, and exterior trim, siding and brick veneer removal and replacement
  • Drainage repairs; including survey and layout, asphalt removal and replacement, concrete pan removal and replacement, re-grade for positive flow to channels, pans, chases and curb cuts
  • Install drain basins and 6” to 12” diameter underground piped drainage system


  • Health and safety of residents and general public throughout active jobsite
  • Exceptionally wet weather conditions
  • Phasing and parking plan critical due to displacement of driveways

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