Project 37 – Condominium Complex

Condominium Complex

Type: Residential
Project: Condominium Complex
Scope: Civil Repairs/Structural Repairs/Building Envelope Repairs
Value: $1.0MM
Duration: Seven Months

Description: Repair and remediation of construction defects, including structural, building envelope, grading and drainage, and civil issues.

Project Scope:

  • 298 occupied multifamily units
  • Resident communication and coordination
  • Replace concrete patio slabs; repair steel column connections; repair foundation wall caps; repair framing in mechanical rooms and garages
  • Re-flash windows and entry doors; complete siding to sidewalk, siding to grade and siding to stem wall repairs; complete stoop and corner flashing repairs
  • Install perimeter drains, replace structural fill; remove and replace retaining walls
  • Repair detention pond
  • Remove and replace asphalt pavement, concrete flatwork and concrete curbs
  • Re-grade to establish positive drainage and complete landscape restoration


  • All units occupied throughout construction
  • Safe access to, and egress from, all units
  • Safety of residents and general public throughout ongoing active jobsite
  • Phasing and parking plan critical due to displacement of garages
  • Limited access and confined work areas

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