Project 5 – Mixed-Use Development


Mixed-Use, High Rise Development

Type: Commercial/Residential
Project: Mixed-Use, High Rise Development
Scope: Exploratory Testing/Structural Repairs/Civil Repairs/Parking Structure Repairs/Restoration
Value: $475K
Duration: Four Months

Description: Repair and remediation of construction defects, including structural and civil issues. Replacement of acoustical systems, drywall and interior finishes due to water intrusion.

Project Scope:

  • Exploratory testing
  • Develop and execute comprehensive resident communication and coordination plan
  • Structural repairs to patios, CMU/stucco walls, concrete retaining walls and concrete entry ramp
  • Pool plaza deck repairs, including excavation, compaction grouting, and removal and replacement of concrete slab and slate tiles
  • Parking structure repairs, including entry ramp replacement, pilaster and double tee repairs
  • Civil repairs, including landscape re-grade, new concrete sidewalks and roadway
  • Water intrusion restoration, including installation of new acoustical systems and 11,200 square feet of drywall, and completion of associated interior cosmetic finishes


  • Property and units were occupied throughout construction
  • Health and safety of residents and general public throughout active jobsite
  • Minimal staging and storage areas for materials and equipment
  • Strict adherence to fast-track construction schedule

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