Project 6 – Commercial Office Building


Commercial Office Building

Type: Commercial
Project: Commercial Office Building
Scope: Parking Structure Restoration
Value: $730K
Duration: Five Months

Description:  Repair and restoration of a commercial office building, multi-level parking structure constructed in 1972.

Project Scope:

  • Coordination of repair activities with building management personnel to minimize disruption of garage and building functions.
  • Below-grade parking structure repairs, including double tee connection repairs, double tee stem repairs, double tee flange repairs, overhead concrete patching, shotcrete re-application, cast-in-place foundation wall repairs, and foundation wall epoxy crack injection
  • Upper-surface parking structure repairs, including removal and replacement of control and cove joint sealants, and concrete topping slab repairs
  • Traffic deck waterproofing, including surface preparation, installation of BASF Traficguard EP35 skid-resistant, epoxy-based concrete overlay system on ramp (1,500 SF), and installation of BASF Conipur II heavy-duty, polyurethane traffic deck coating system on the upper surface parking deck (70,000SF)
  • Re-stripe upper surface parking deck
  • Civil repairs, including landscape re-grade, burrito drain installation, removal and replacement of concrete drain pan, installation of chase drains, and installation of concrete curbing


  • Health and safety of tenants and general public throughout active jobsite
  • Repair phasing critical to allow continuous parking structure operation and tenant access
  • Fast-track construction schedule to ensure installation of traffic deck waterproofing prior to adverse weather conditions

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