Structural Repairs Projects – ALL >


Single-Family Residences
Repair and remediation of construction defects, including structural, grading and drainage, and building envelope issues.

Building Envelope Repairs Projects – ALL >

Project-12_Slider_3_SMCondominium Complex
Building envelope remediation on two buildings, including siding and balcony railing replacement.

Civil/Grading & Drainage Repairs Projects – ALL > 


Townhome Complex

Construction repairs including civil, grading and drainage, and structural.

Balcony and Deck Repairs Projects – ALL > 

Project-1_Slider_2_SMApartment Complex
Repair and remediation of construction defects including building envelope, elevated decks and breezeway structures.

Concrete Restoration and Waterproofing Projects – ALL >

Project-6_Slider_2_SMCommercial Office Building
Repair and restoration of a commercial office building, multi-level parking structure constructed in 1972.

Insurance Restoration Projects – ALL >


Condominium Complex

Seven units of a three-story, 12-unit condominium building were destroyed by fire. The remaining five units incurred major smoke and water damage.

Renovation Projects – ALL >

Project-2_Slider_1_SMSenior Housing Campus
Renovation of senior housing campus common areas, including expansion and remodel of kitchen and dining room.

Exploratory Testing Projects – ALL >


Condominium Complex
Exploratory testing and repair of construction defects, including building envelope and elevated decks.

Cosmetic Repairs Projects – ALL >


Single-Family Residences

Settling soils created foundation movement and structural issues.

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